Sampling protocol

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to assist with bat droppings sample collection. Your contribution to this project will help provide invaluable information on what bats eat and the
ecosystem services they provide in Ireland.

Download a PDF of our sampling protocol

Your health and safety is our first priority

Please assess the safety of the site you are sampling from. Do not attempt to collect droppings from, for example, a building with holes in the roof, or enter an attic or loft space with damp or rotten beams or floorboards. Ensure also that you can safely enter and exit the bat roost.

If you need to use a ladder, make sure that is fit for purpose and that you know how to use it safely. See, for example, for information on the safe use of ladders.

In order to register to do this survey you have indicated that you have read, understood and will complete the Bat Conservation Ireland Safe Protocol for Activities form.

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